Open Source

Enkoder uses open source software such as Linux, Postgres, Go and Debian in order to offer competitive pricing. Our clients directly benefit from updates, enhancements and new functionality as implemented. This is especially important in regards to security patches and updates.

Responsive Design

Design and development is targeted to mobile first to leverage the ever increasing mobile market. Our development stack ensures we can stay current with all the developments in regards to the mobile landscape. This also means our clients can leverage mobile technologies such as Geo-location.

Custom CMS

The Enkoder Content Management System has been developed to be intuitive and user friendly. Any customisations or extensions can be implemented at any stage. The base system includes and analytics dashboard, user management, configuration settings, map functionality and a basic contact form.

Support 24/7

We pride ourselves on excellent customer relationships and are able to provide support at all stages of development. We are happy provide technical support.